boyBlackboard India is the newest Online College management ERP Software for maintaining all academic hubs. It’s specially designed for easily managing all education activity in smart way. This is a place where you can control all activities and operate it by sitting at one place. Blackboard an online college management system is a reliable and secure approach to manage all types of college activity. It is fixable college Campus Management System provides cutting-edge performance and solves all the important task with connect all the staff, teachers, students and parents .BlackBoard India easily fulfill all the necessary academic requirements in real time.

So if You Want to organize the activities of your college campus then BlackBoard India is the online college management system you should use. For easily managing activities of your college campus like student management, teacher management, event management, course management, employee management, notice management, feedback management system, online exam integration, college hostel management and many more.

Some Excellent Features and Application in our ERP Management System:-



  • Manage personal profile and fill all the important details like name, ID, email address, contact number and many more.
  • Submit assignment and check his /her performance.
  • Check result and compare performance with each others.
  • Give feedback about teacher’s performance.
  • Chat with class students and teachers and ask any question.
  • Face any problem for using the application then ask for support.


  • Teachers can manage students attendance and also teacher can update it as per record.
  • Teachers can release exam date and also can upload exam result.
  • Teachers can create course schedule and teachers can upload report.
  • Teachers can assign projects and analysis their performance.
  • Teachers can check cssignment and teachers can leave feedback.
  • Teachers can Direct chat with Students of assigned classes.
  • Teachers can send notice to any student.


  • In this module admin assign tasks to his college management system.
  • It has power for access any account.
  • Add latest information related to colleges campus or any programs.
  • Add new courses and delete old courses.
  • Add new admission student’s information.
  • Upload bulk data or any specific data.
  • Add new user and assign credential.
  • Provide unique ID and login details for all students, teachers, staff and employ.

Sub Admin

  • Manage all the tasks assigned by admin.
  • Add new information but don’t delete any details.
  • In this module sub admin can assign tasks to his college management system.
  • It has power for access any account.
  • Add latest information related to colleges campus or any programs.
  • Add new user and assign credential.
  • Provide unique ID and login details for all students, teachers, staff and employ.


Course Manager

  • Manage Current year Course Syllabus.
  • Add New Course and delete old course.
  • Keep the records of current year syllabus.

Timetable Manager

  • With Time Table Manager can release new exam date and time table.
  • With Time Table Manager upload time table and send notice.
  • Time Table of lectures along with their detailed description can also be mentioned.
  • Time table manager is effective enough to perform the tasks related to time scheduling.

Assignment Manager

  • With Assignment Manager can provide assignment to all students with last date of assignment submit.
  • With Assignment Manager can Check assignment and send performance report according to assignment work.
  • See the results and performance in particular assignment.
  • Assignment manager will help to manage all the assignments and performance of the students.

Mail Box

  • IIn this online web application, mail box is most useful feature for communication among different sections.
  • With Mail Box feature any individual can send message and also can respond.
  • Remote access of emails to the particulars with the mail box feature.
  • With Mail Box one can send and receive bulk emails and can communicate effectively.

Fees Manager

  • With Fee Manager Can manage Fee related tasks efficiently in our online college management system.
  • Fee Manager helps to Save time of number of unlimited time consuming operations concerning fee department.
  • Our Fee Manager is Reliable and efficient for fee department & is easy to use.
  • Our Fee Manager Saves money by going paperless with electronic forms, notices and payment solutions

Events Manager

  • With Event Manager can announce new event date and topic of college, under this online college management system.
  • With this event manager can manage all event activity effectively.
  • It is reliable and is easy to use for informing about events and important dates of college management.
  • Best for scheduling and management of events effectively at one place under this college management software.

Real Time Chat

  • Live chat with students and send audio, video file support.
  • In this online web application, Real time chat is most useful feature for communication among different sections.
  • Best to get immediate response from others in case of having any query.
  • It is easy to use, reliable and is best part of the management system.

College Dairy

  • Access to their college dairy in which they can access particular performance and other college activities and events.
  • College diary is to get all the notifications of the student in one page just like timeline.
  • It is the best way to get notices and to get information at just one place.


  • It permits creation of threads which are important in terms of clearing doubts and sharing of new ideas.
  • New threads can be created and managed by students as well as by teachers in Forum community.
  • All the forum activities can also be managed by admin.
  • With Forum has the facility to manage member's data and credential of forum community.

Notice Manager

  • Announce new notice regarding to exam, events or any program in college campus.
  • Notice Manager is best to declare notices in the college management system.
  • Students, teachers and other employees of the college management can get instant notifications about any activity.

Academic Calendar

  • Students and college management system can check holidays, events, and festivals.
  • Best to tell about and manage the academic functions, events and academic leaves.
  • It is easy to use and reliable feature of our online college management system.

Employ Manager

  • With Employ Manager can do Employ Time management with reporting system.
  • With Employ Manager can notify about employ attendance and manage employ leave status.
  • With Employ Manager can divide employees under multiple branch / department / designation

Feedback Manager

  • Teachers can give feedback about student’s performance.
  • Students can send feedback about teacher performance.
  • Best to do effectively manage feedback activities in efficient manner.
  • It is easy to use and is reliable to use feature of this application.

Support System

  • Any individual can contact direct to admin for technical support.
  • Admin direct contact to technical team to solve the problem
  • Support system is easy to use and to respond to queries.

Compliant System

  • Student can compliant about college system, illegal activity in college campus.
  • Best to manage complaint related queries in the college system.

SMS Integration

  • With SMS integration can receive SMS related to the activities and other events of the college.
  • Integration of every department with SMS manager for quick notification.
  • SMS sending to numerous people at the same time.
  • SMS alerts on exam alerts quickly along with these SMS integration feature.


Hostel Manager

  • Manage hostel room, wardens and other facilities in hostel.
  • Records students’ attendance and assign bed or room number.
  • Record room ability, Fees collection and due fees.

Admission Manager

  • Keep records of seats according to subjects in college campus.
  • Manage old and new admission records and also provide admission details.
  • Give instruction for new admission with needed important documents.
  • Fees collection, due fees and cancel admission.

Library Manager

  • Keep records of total books in library for various subjects.
  • Book issue and management.
  • Library Manager is easy to use and to manage library activities.

Transport Manager

  • Real time vehicle tracing by using GPS System.
  • Easily Time schedule monitoring.
  • View full driver profile details with vehicle registration number.
  • Root monitoring with college bus number.

Mess Manager

  • With Mess Manager can keep records of mess card issue.
  • With Mess Manager can manage payment management according to mess issue card.
  • Food availability according to food menu.

Training and Placement Manager

  • With Training and placement manager can provide information of available training courses.
  • With Training and placement manager can give assistant for placement in various companies.
  • With Training and placement manager can provide information about open campus and close campus recruitments.

HR Manager

  • HR Manager is responsible for recruiting employees and other members of college campus.
  • HR Manager is responsible for management of salaries of employees & other related issues like PF.
  • HR Manager is responsible for solving queries and other issues of the college management.

BB Alumni Manager

  • BB Online College Alumni Manager is responsible to maintain records of former students.
  • Facility of contacting with new students and to provide guidance to them in efficient manner.
  • It is the best part of our online college management system to effectively manage former students of college.

Online Exam Integration

  • With our online examination integration can conduct online examinations.
  • With our online examination integration Manage records – number of students, subject-paper, role number and user log-in details etc.
  • Best to endow the facility of providing results online and related notifications.
  • Our online exam integration feature is secure & is easy to give online marks which are more handy and practical way.


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