Some Facts About Black Board

Black Board India is a leading educational management ERP Solution for all educational departments. Black Board India is the latest and advanced web based college, institute, school and coaching management system providing high mobility and large quantity of functions to build quality education system. Its features are to deliver smooth networked campus and a paperless management. Black Board India is the well known solution for the central management of academic and educational data and this ERP system provides a Excellent communication link between faculty, parents, teachers ,administrator and students so that a excellent feedback system and a information rich environment can be created to get better the education system. It’s also providing exam management system that allows accessibility of exam result, information and modified report generation. The Black Board India is educational and academic ERP software easily manages all the sectors like educational institutions, coaching’s, schools, colleges, universities etc.

One of the most effective features of the black board India is provides a best framework with which all institution can easily access their account, view and manage it.

Features of Black Board India

  • Online academic management System.
  • A complete ERP Software for educational institutions, coaching’s, schools, colleges, universities etc.
  • Easily Communication with all ends like parents to teachers, teachers to students, students to students, parents to admin and many more.
  • Bulk data upload facility.
  • Multiple campus management system.
  • Pre-set and genuine Access to data.
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Some More Features

  • Up-to-date monitoring of Faculty performance, Syllabus reporting
  • Faculty performance rating.
  • Real time monitoring of Student’s Academic Performance
  • Only single click messaging for Parents, Students, Faculty, Staff and Admin
  • Students Fee monitoring and management
  • 24/7 accessibility from across the globe
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